Hate Mail? For ya Fat F#ck

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postcard "add & pass"


Several years ago, I’ve sent out a series of cards stamped with an internal organ rubber stamp, asking people to add to it and return it to me. I thought all that came back had already come and the rest had just gotten lost or tossed.

Some things I love about this piece: it came wrapped in a manila envelope/paper just like adult magazines used to back in the day; there's an element of voyeurism in the piece with how you have to peel back layers to get to the final piece and that my address is actually a cut out in a window peeping out if you will.

That's more analyzing than I usually do. I'll leave the analysis of the actual collage up to the viewers.

- William Mellott / 2018 / Taiwan

ouch - oh yeah, I think that's the guy who sends me (and others) stamped impressions of his penis. Whatever. Used to be lots of stuff like that "back in the day."

- De Villo Sloan / 2018 / USA