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a person who helps another commit a crime // "an accomplice in the murder"

synonyms // abetter, accessory, partner in crime, associate, confederate, collaborator, fellow conspirator, co-conspirator;

origin // mid 16th century: alteration (probably by association with accompany) of Middle English complice ‘an associate’, via Old French from late Latin complex, complic- ‘allied’, from com- ‘together’ + the root of plicare ‘to fold’.

Bella VF Gagarin
Biblioteca Municipal José Marmelo Silva
Fértil Cultural

Fértil Cultural

Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal

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Migvel Tepes
Monsenhor enVide neFelibata
Município de Espinho
Município de Viseu
Museu Quinta da Cruz - Centro de Arte Contemporânea
Rita Betânia

Rita Betânia

Espinho, Portugal

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