Hate Mail? For ya Fat F#ck

Hate Mail? For ya Fat F#ck



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Maybe something works differently for other people, or maybe some artists are just more open minded than others. But come on, … art is doomed when artists are taking bullets to their feet by censoring themselves and their fellow ones.

There’re just too many people being triggered so easily, and that’s why we, as artists, have a special assignment. And that assignment is to use art to create awareness to these same sensitive subjects. And yes, sometimes we are too much in-our-face and we seem to be gratuitously offensive and provocative. But the more you censor me the harder I come back and don’t ask me to sugar coat it.

- Monsenhor enVide neFelibata // PORTUGAL // artist and curator of this project

Art is a vehicle that transports information on various levels, exploring our senses to live in the particularity that each "work" makes us feel. The way we use it as well as any action that comes from us, carries responsibilities in what we want to transmit and make feel in the other, and may contain a foundation of truth or falsehood existing in our thinking and mirroring it in the work done. As a Catholic, art is a fundamental means in evangelization. Employing it contrary to the truth may have negative and influential consequences nefariously. Art is representative of the reality of our world, socially, physically and emotionally.

- Emanuela Pontes // PORTUGAL // catechist

It's definitely a touchy subject. I personally don't want to see animal cruelty or death. (...) Sugar coat it and still be censored. Or say it like it is and be censored.

If you can't see it you can't talk about it... I think that's the mindset of everyone.

- Erin Young // CANADA // artist

I hope to be always part of your projects.

- Janys Oliveira // BRAZIL // artist

Lovely¡, and thanks.

- Daniel de Culla // SPAIN // artist

Please stop Emails from your side i dont want a Newsletter!!!

- Manuela Merl // GERMANY // artist

I would prefer not to participate.

- Toni Hanner // USA // artist

Hi Mr enVide,

Yes, your project was reported and was deleted.

You are asking for things that are illegal…………

So, you crossed a line which isn’t accepted online. Sorry, that is also my opinion

With best wishes,

- Ruud Janssen // NETHERLANDS // artist and IUOMA founder

Hi EnVide,

I’m not against nudity at all. I am against the fact that you encourage people to send in Child Pornography.

- Ruud Janssen // NETHERLANDS // artist and IUOMA founder

Yes interesting! I'll try to put something together. X

Art needs to wake people up and make them uncomfortable. It needs to make them question why they feel uncomfortable. This is what I'm trying to do with the taboo surrounding death.

- Babs Bird // UK // artist